Five Card Story: how it ended

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So Their is me and My friend watermelon head . My best friend. I call him watermelon head I dint no why I just do .so
I'm at the wash house doing some washing and drying and My phone ring and of course Its watermelon head He said Hey lets go out and do something. their Is this new spot down town .Its called jordan grub house. watermelon head said To me It has everything you could think of I reply with excitement okay I,ll be there.I start singing through The phone to him I love food My name Is jordan and I ;love food.
so as Im leaving My condo apartment I grab My jacket Before I shut The door and now Im off to my nice dinner with My buddy. and so I walk up to My car and there is bird you no what on My window . I look with a disgusting face I said what in the world Is this on my window . my car i shout; I just got this car cleaned Im super pissed . now Im more pissed then who cant have chilli for 3 weeks. gosh so now I have to go all the way back to the car wash . all over again I said to myself The only good thing about going through a car wash Is having time to listen to the jackson five. so I pull up to the wash house and I tell the guy hay I need my car washed. and you want believe what he does . he got the nerves to give me an attitude. told the guy look mr roll your eyes at the world . dont give me no attitude. I told him get off your lazy chair and wash my car . so he got up and when I
rolled My window back up I said to Myself after this guy nasty attitude . if he even let the word can I get a tip cross his mind. Im going to get out this car and give this guy a piece of my mind my self . now how about them apple. ohhhh yeahhh ' so as he got finished turns out he didnt ask me for a tip he didnt even look at me for a tip. and said to myself. people really need to get crap together. thats all Im saying. so after I pull off from the car wash Im ready to gossip . so I about My problems and everyone else problems.
so I hit him up and I call watermelon head with anger. he answers helo. I start shouting you want believe what just happened to me this guy got the nerves to try to test me at the car wash. I end talking for so long I didn't realize He hung up about 10 to 15 minutes ago. when I really realized I petty I was being I just laugh' out loud It was really funny. next thing you know I just hit my friend up watermelon head. up and we meet up and we both say at the same time lets just crash at your house and order take out food . we both smile and laugh. and that's what we just did we just order some cheese pizza and some really good chinese food. and we watched gonzila and celebrities under water . then we both end up falling asleep with a bbq wing in our mouth.

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flickr photo credits: (1) keepps (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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