Five Card Story: The Road to Success

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When people begin their journey, they see ships at a distance and somehow the horizon, which is elusive and vast, seems within reach. This is the type of optimism and visualization that is necessary to begin any endeavor of great substance and consequence. It involves imagining what is possible. The next step is to be more practical, finding doors that may lead to resources or opportunity. Once the process of navigating is fully underway, the traveler must consider large overarching questions that serve to guide him, embracing ideals, such as liberty, and understanding that there will be obstacles, and a moral compass is a necessary tool for real progress, for the mission at hand is bigger than himself. At some point, the traveler may long to quit, may begin to relish images of respite and relaxation, and this is okay--if it serves as a source of motivation. The traveler must then press on, remembering that the journey is much like a game. He must know the rules, must function strongly in his particular position, maximizing his potential and using his skills for the good of the team.

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