Five Card Story: The Mystery About Ms. Nellie

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Once upon a time there’s a mysterious girl named Ms. Nellie who lived on her red truck, everybody in the town doesn’t want to talk to her because the ones who tried to talk to her went missing after, there’s these four girls who named Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa who are really curious about Ms. Nellie, they started to have bet by playing the rock, paper, scissors the two losers will be the one who will talk to Ms. Nellie and the losers are Rose and Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo look at Rose and Lisa and shooing them away to Ms. Nellie’s red truck, Rose and Lisa just went on now where Ms. Nellie’s truck parked.
While the two are looking at Ms. Nellie’s red truck there are a pair of eyes looking at them from far away and then slowly go to the red truck and said “The two of you, what are you doing here?” the two look at their back and got shocked, it’s Ms. Nellie the owner of the red truck, before the two girls answered the question Ms. Nellie invited them for a road trip and the two find it cool so they just agreed with it. The two went on a 2 hours road trip until they got to a creepy house they went down on the red truck and go in the said property “There’s a lake in the backyard I’ll see you two there I’ll just get something to eat” Ms. Nellie said and the two just nodded. When they got to the lake they got to the set off the two we’re talking about how Ms. Nellie introduced this secret haven to them when they’re just mere strangers but suddenly someone pushed Rose and Lisa into the lake and then they got drowned but suddenly…………………………
……………………………………………………………. Rose and Lisa waked up breathing heavily at the side walk where Ms. Nellie’s red truck was usually parked but it’s not there, the two just looked at each other…

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