Five Card Story: A Dream of Light

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John, a man who lives alone in an apartment, from an old and dull building. The place itself isn’t the only thing lifeless, but he himself, his environment, the people around him, and the whole town which only uses candles at night as a source of light
Several years ago, since he was kid, the town had problems manipulating the electricity that people can’t resolved. That is why he grew up considering a lot of cautions in life, the reason to become a very cautious person.
One day, John realized, this is not the life he wanted. He encouraged himself to change the life he already lives in, to live in happiness instead of sadness, to feel good, to become incautious and reckless for some time, and achieve the light he seeks.
He left his life from darkness and began searching for what his heart tells. John drove for hours exploring the road and finding the place he wanted to try to be in.
As he was driving, he gradually sees a light that becomes brighter as he comes nearer. So, John incautiously and quickly drove to it with excitement. Seeing the beauty and the shine of lights with various of colors put a smile on him. He walked near of it and danced the dream he always wanted. But it was just for a glimpse of happiness. All the lights weren’t perfect, that suddenly caused a disaster. John didn’t leave the place. He even lied down, enjoying his sight with sparkles flashing through his eyes. But the beauty and his feeling eventually turned into heat. John smiled reaching his eyes wholeheartedly, as the place eventually turned into ashes.

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