Five Card Story: Walk, talk, and lead by example

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Everyday, I walk on the road to go to school and when I see a trash, I immediately pick it up and compile it and put it on the trash bin. I always visit my grandfather before I got to school, so that I could help him work with a smile, my grandfather taught me how to smile with sincerity, pure intentions, and wholeheartedly to everyone. My grandfather always tell me to look on the bright side of life and remember that with God nothing is impossible. Hearing those words always lift me up with a smile and full of motivation and will power in life. My grandfather works on "CAFE EAT" and it's the best breakfast food in our town, but for me it's the best and most beautiful place in the world. I always eat my breakfast together with my grandfather and I really enjoyed every single bite because I can taste the love and compassion of my grandfather's hard work. After we eat, I'm really full inside and out because I'm not just eating, I'm also absorbing his wisdom and humility. He taught me many things, but my favorite one is how to say thank you properly and he said to me "Thank you and God bless". This word is my pocket money everyday, every time I pay something or there's something I need to thank for, I always say "Thank you and God bless" with a bright smile and it really helped me to extend my gratitude consistently. My grandfather is full of wisdom so every time it's time for me to go to school, he always say "Take care and have a good day ahead" with a bright smile, he really walk, talk, and lead by example with God. My grandfather is my role model with everything because I saw God inside and out in him. Going to school while you're full inside and out is really wonderful, because I treat my classmates, teachers, and all the people inside and out of our campus with gratitude, humility, and love. Inside our school, there's a huge field full of trees and plants, It's my favorite place in the school and this is where I share the wisdom I learned and absorbed to my friends and teacher, they enjoyed listening to me because I'm full of positivity. My teacher once asked, where did you learned all of that? I gladly answered, I learned all of this through my grandfather who walk, talk, and lead by example with God. My teacher said to me that with this positivity, I will encourage more people to live a successful and healthy life just like my grandfather. I told them my story everyday before I go to school and they were amazed because I start my day picking up trash and put on the trash bin, my teachers said that it's like I'm throwing all of those trash to stop the negativity in this world and my teacher is right, because that's what my grandfather taught me, to put away the negativity and let God put all of the positivity inside of you. I asked my teachers that if we could plant more trees and fruits in my favorite place in the school so that we'll be more healthier and they all agreed. As I grew older, I learned that I'm living a healthy and successful life because I walk, talk, and lead with everyone and with a bright smile everyday. My whole life is a blessing (SMILES BRIGHTLY).

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