Five Card Story: The Way of Life

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Once upon a time, I was driving a car heading to my mother's house. It was a freezing day. Then we ran out of gas. So we decided to go to a gas station. I am with my siblings, they haven't seen their mother for a very long time. We have three siblings, my younger sibling's age is 6 and the second is 9. I am the 2nd oldest brother. My oldest brother is in beside me. I am driving the car for already 4 hours, I was so tired because our mother's house is too far from our hometown. 3 hours later the weather change. We are at the top of the mountain, it is very foggy up there. I can't see the road clearly because of the fog. Me and my siblings decided to rest to the nearest hotel. The price is $200 and it's okay because i'm rich. The hotel is very fancy. It has a private pool with amazing fountain. They have a strong internet connection so I can play online games. Then I tried to call my mother but she didn't answer my call. I was worried that time. Then me and my sibling's decided to leave the hotel and drive the car as fast as I can. My car have a turbo, it has a sports mode. Because I am rich. You know that. After 5 hours. We are in the forest. Someone message me that my mother died. I was crying so much I don't know what to do. They said that the body was buried near the lake. We visited my mother in the cemetery. I saw a letter there. It was from my mom and she said she loves us very much, always take care. Goodbye

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