Five Card Story: The Beauty of Friendship

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"Life", ever wonder what really the meaning of life is? Based on the dictionary, life is the existence of an individual human being or animal. Now that Mr.dictionary answered the meaning of life, the question is; what is existence? Why do we exist? Is there any reason? I myself doesn't know the purpose of my existence as well. Let me tell you some part of my life story.

Let me introduce myself first, my name is CJ, a regular and typical student. Also, Also, this story, more like an essay doesn't have to do anything with the competition happening around here. It's just for educational purposes. A task to be exact. Anyway, let us start.

Sometimes, my life is just plain black and white. Not technically speaking, it's colorless or lifeless. These are the times that I ask myself, why am I here? Why am I still alive? Is there any reason at all? With life full of hardships, is it worth living for? I wonder if what awaits us is just death, did we live to die? Is that how simple it is? You see, when we are facing problems, we tend to think this way, a way that leads us to depression. A way where death by suicide awaits you.

But of course, life is not just about problems. Life is full of beauty as well. Sometimes, this beauty disguise as, or hid behind our problems. It just waiting for us to conquer our problem before it shows itself. Now that I mentioned it, I remember back in our graduation, I felt so sad that I want to cry. I was with my classmate for 4 years and now it's time for us depart and pick another road separately. That was a painful ending for my junior high days. Then there's the time for me to enter the next part of my life, the life of a senior high student. At first, it was so boring because I don't know anyone. And sometime I compare my previous classmates to the new ones. Then I fell into sadness again. But then after a few more days, I started to feel livelier again, I never knew that these new classmates of mine will be the one that'll be with me in some of my darker days. They provide light in the dark. And I would rather walk in the dark with them than in light alone. Then I get so attached to them. I overcome the sadness and pain with them. There I found the beauty in friendship.

With them, I grew up having stronger mind that anything like sadness doesn't bother me anymore. I became my true self. I became a person that someone(not all, just some; I mean it's normal for everyone to feel envious) will feel envy for.

But then again, I still doesn't know the purpose of my existence. But I will tell you "I create my own purpose"

There goes the little story of mine. Thank you for wasting your time reading this :P

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