Five Card Story: "The Chief Patient I am preoccupied with is myself

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Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856, in Freiberg, Moravia. His father was a merchant. His family moved to Leipzig. Then settled in Vienna, where Freud began to study. Freud's family were Jewish, but he considered himself a non-practitioner. He regarded God as an illusion, based on the infantile need of a powerful father figure. Sigmund Freud was a Physicist, specifically a Neurologist. He began to study medicine in 1873, at the University of Vienna. Up until today, Freud is called "The Father of Psychoanalysis", He developed the Psychoanalytic Theory along with other famous theories. These theories had helped studies in the fields of psychology, physiology, as well as philosophy. Psychotherapy has helped numerous people with several mental disorders, including the famous case of Anna O, which is regarded as marking the beginning of Psychoanalysis.

Freud, like his patients, has suffered many mental disorders in his time. When he was still a medical student, he suffered from Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and other several disorders. Despite his success, he was often unhappy. Treating these patients made him realized, he is so good at treating other people's illnesses, but he never knew how to treat his own. And during some particularly strenuous research, he recorded "The Chief Patient I am preoccupied with, is Myself".

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