Five Card Story: Masked

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a Five Card Flickr story by Russelynne Escaner created Aug 05 2019, 02:45:18 am. Create a new one!

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I am currently sitting on one of the benches inside our school, wondering about the situations that my future will hold for me. I am just a normal simple student who problems about school paper works, activities, assignments, and many more. As minutes continued to pass by, my little thinking session about my future suddenly interrupted by the ringing of the school bell signaling the students that it is finally time to go home. I am standing at the side walk waiting for a cab, while waiting I saw a group of students. They were laughing as if there is no tomorrow. They were looking over a random middle aged man passing by. I also saw different groups of students, some of them looked tired, bored, and excited. Before my thoughts wondered more I was suddenly interrupted again when a cab suddenly stops in front on me. I immediately took a seat inside the cab and told where my house is. The cab starts to move, I looked inside the cab and when I got bored I looked outside the window. I saw different cars driving in different paths, people walking at the side walk, different stalls that sells anything just to have money to continue living. I also saw houses when we passed by, they were quite huge and looks glamorous. Some of them has trees and flowers placed at the front of the house. I suddenly cringe when the thought of the costs crossed my mind, how devastating it is. I reached my house safe and sound, I immediately got inside and tidy up my things and started to make my dinner. The silence of the house comforts me. Here inside my house I can do whatever I like and I can be who i am without no one interrupting me. I am the only one who lives in here because no one survive being with me. It is really quite good in my part because no one can know about my secrets and the REAl me and I will make sure no one will.

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