Five Card Story: The Life Experience of John Locke

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Both his parents were Puritans and as such, Locke was raised that way. Because of his father's connections and allegiance to the English government, Locke received an outstanding education.

He lived during the religious revolution in England where the British populace were turning to Protestantism from Catholicism.

As England fell under a cloud of possible revolution, Locke became a target of the government. While historical research has pointed to his lack of involvement in the incident, Locke was forced to leave in England in 1683 due to a failed assassination attempt of King Charles II and his brother, or what later came to known as the Rye House Plot.

Exiled in Holland, Locke composed "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding," another groundbreaking work of intellectual might that spanned four books and took on the task of examining the nature of human knowledge.

Source: Editors (2014, April 2). John Locke Biography. The Retrieved from

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