Five Card Story: Loneliness, Fate and Destiny

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a Five Card Flickr story by Gerard Sancho V. Mar created Aug 08 2019, 12:11:16 pm. Create a new one!

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Every time I journey to some place I end up in an empty, cold and desolated world in my eyes alone. Whenever I talk to people I ignore, when I want to connect I stray away, when I want to feel I disregard my emotions, and whenever I truly want to be happy I see despair as my own friend and happiness.
Every road I have ever come across with people I've once called "Friends" it was either fate or destiny to feel nothing but desolation, hatred and they all scream for hatred, despair, vengeance and retribution for myself and only myself.
I look up to see the sky and the clouds to see every life floating across our heads, but seeing time is different as if we are trapped in a loop of life struggling to escape of which we can never see, certain people.
On the long, lifeless and lonely road I have taken I keep wondering about my fate as human and the destiny of my own future, sometimes I wonder if I can ever find or return my happiness from which I've lost so long ago, wondering if I can experience the same friendships of people I've envied for so long and be with a person I can trust and understand me. My own life to intertwine with, is all I really wanted.

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