Five Card Story: The Life of Bird

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a Five Card Flickr story by Mikko Domingo created Aug 09 2019, 06:35:28 am. Create a new one!

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One day, there was a man walking alone at amusement park, thinking about his life if he were given a chance to become an animal. He thought about becoming a bird because it can freely fly through clouds without even worrying that he might fall, because he trust himself that he can fly. And all it thinks is how to survive in this world. While walking he suddenly notice that it's getting late so he decided to go home. 3 day later, after work he decided again to go at the park while walking to go the park he saw a bird staring at him, so he look at it clueless and decided to approach the bird but the bird doesn't seem to be afraid of the man, so the man stretch forth his hand like he wants to touch the bird but he stop when he thinks that he might scared the bird and flee, but the was surprised of what the bird did. The bird flew onto his bag and pecking the part of the bag where the man put his food. At first, the man is surprised that it wasn't scared at him and confused at the same time but when he opened his bag that's when he knew that the bird was hungry and just resting because of tiredness dealt with searching all the time for foods, so the man gave a little portion of his food to the bird. And while feeding the bird he remembered of what he thought of becoming a bird, the only thing it wants is to find shelter and foods, in other words, the bird wants to live and survive. When he notice that the bird is done eating he let it rest for a while and while staring at the bird he notice that its leg is injured, so he decided to go home and take the bird along. The bird doesn't care if the man bring her home so when they got home the man did everything he can to take care and and cure the injury of the bird. So as days goes by the bird became attached to the man, they do amazing things to get their bond strong, they are so happy until the day when the old man was walking home, he goes alone again at the park remembering the first time he met the bird and what will happen if he suddenly die. He's too tired to walk again so he rest at the bench for a while when suddenly someone stab him at the heart, without even opening his mouth and ask for help, he died. The bird eventually knows what happened to his owner, he felt so much pain because of what happened, he felt so much sadness that her world disappeared without saying or make him feel that she loved him so much. The man who saved her life, the one who gave her happiness, she stayed at his grave until her final and last breath.

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