Five Card Story: BROKEN FAMILY

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When i was a child my mother left me so that she was able to word abroad. She want me to have a better future so that she worked there. After a years we are happy even if we had a long distance relationship / communication.
She gave her love ,efforts and sacrifices even she's far from me. Until one day my life is totally broken.

I've been wish to have a complete family , i wish i have my happy home. When i get bored or sad . I always go in the outside seeing some people who walk outside , children playing with their sibling like they are totally happy. I get jealous on them but i need to pretend that i am not.

On 2011 i need to go to school that was a high school. I ma happy to meet new people , like new friends , classmate,teachers etc. So the class started and we need to share our story . So i am the one who could first. So i stand in front of my classmates sharing my story . The last paragraph on my story is that . I am broken , i am not perfect at i am a great pretender beacuse I don't have a complet home and complet family so that i am not totally completed. Every night i go to outside , going to the tree behind our house , watching the sky, stars and moon. Talking to them like they are my friend , speak to them what is the good news and the bad. That night i talk to the sky that what's the reason why i am experiencing this kind of pain . Am i bad ? Am i not good enough? Deeply crying . But i realized that i need to be strong for my self and for all the people who's always there for me.

Everyday i feel lonely, I can't express my emotions because i am afraid to express it. Nobody wants to talk to me. I have my relatives with me but i doesn't express what i really feel. They just give me some advice .The day that i have a lot of problems i experience depression I committed suicide but thanks to God he gave me another life on this world . World full of challenges, problems and pain.

On my 17th birthday i wrote some of my story or experience in the book . Expressing my feeling and thoughts about life. Life is unfair but we need to accept the reality. But our life has processing lot of decisions. So that i must be strong to be able to pursue my dreams and goal in life . I must storng to handle those challenges that would be come into my life . Riding bicycle is just one your expressing that you are strong enough.

I share my short story so that everyone would be able to know or think what i really feel . Then i was blessed and lucky to have those people who came into my life. That they were meant to be here for me, to serve some sort of purpose ,teach me some lesson or helping me to figure out who i am. I feel those horrible,painful and unfair life. But in my reflection i can find those challenges without overcoming my obstacles.

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