Five Card Story: The Stoplight

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a Five Card Flickr story by Jessica Cruz created Aug 13 2019, 10:40:14 am. Create a new one!

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I keep my eyes open wide, I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, 'cause from this moment I walked on the line you're bound to be mine. I still can remember that time,it was Sunday night, 20th of February 2002. I am Jes a party goer, get drunk, loud music, screams and shouts of many people, it was my everyday scenes at the bar. After the party I was on my way home waiting for the stop light turns to green, once it turned I walk quickly to the other side of the lane but when I am about to pass someone grabbed me and pull me over, and it was you. Carson. You were mad at me that time because I'm not looking around and just looking at my phone. We're just besties that time, like cats and dogs fighting, but you never fail to send me to home. One day, while you were driving me home at the old town road you asked me a question. "When will be the time you stop this?" That question shocked me,"its been for years since your last relationship ended, and all this time you keep reminiscing your memories with that guy by going back to the place you used to be together aren't getting sick of it?" That hurts me alot. " are you giving me a lecture? just drive me home, shut up" I replied. The mood got cold and I knew that it was wrong to say such words like that, but instead of arguing with me you're the one who begged for forgiveness, and I feel bad about that. The other day you invited me to come with you in a fellowship but you know that I hate going to such place like that so you gave an excuse so I was suprised and get mad when I got into that place but you said to just sit down and listen on what the speaker saying, I got affected of what the speaker said "starting today you need to forget whats gone and appreciate what remains, look forward to whats coming."
After the fellowship, we stopped at a mobile, you saw me taking a glance at you, Carson. Me with a sincere look And you asked me " what's with that face?" as I speak after "From what the speaker said it made me realized that I'm such a fool bringing back the memories from the past when truth is I already have you since then."

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