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The day I left for college sure was a sad one. All of my old things, the clock that I got when I was six. The combination lock that took me so long to crack when I was eleven. The old portrait of my dad, who died at war. My mom woke up sobbing and struggled to finish half of a cup of coffee. We got in the car and drove through the entire day. Later on, it was nighttime and we were ten minutes away from Flordia State University. And then, my mom resumed her A.M. tears. We pulled over to the entrance, and when I opened the trunk, I saw a small pink book titled,'The Secret to a Happy Life', I picked it up and stared at it. I walked up front and asked my mother:
"Hey Mom, what's the secret to a happy life?"
She looked at me, drenched in tears, and with a sad smile she said, "I could only tell you if I knew."
It's been six months, the semester is almost over, and my mother's words still hung in my head. I still wish I could know.

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