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Once upon a time there were two dogs. They were lost and didn't have a home. One day they were wandering and heard a bunch of kids talking. They were near a school and heard a class. They were so happy because they thought they were going to find a home. When the dogs appeared out of the trees one kids said "hey look there are two dogs can we go see them". The dogs started walking towards the kids and they were all talking about the dogs. The teacher was trying to calm the kids down because she didn't want anyone to get hurt. "If the dogs come over hear no one try to pet them or you could get hurt" she said. That didn't really work because when the dogs came over all of the kids crowded the dogs. Luckily, the two dogs were really friendly and no one got hurt. One of the students parents work at a rescue shelter and said the dogs could stay with them so the dogs stayed in the class for the day. In art the dogs were making a mess and the student that was taking the dogs home drew a picture of his dad and showed the dogs so they knew who was bringing them home. The boys family was a really good home for the dogs. After school the boy and his dad took the dogs for a walk and stopped to take a picture. That night the family had a party they all gathered to see the new dogs.

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