Five Card Story: Jacks Birthday Present

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Jacks Birthday was tomorrow. Grandma Mimi was searching on the internet for a present for Jack.She stumbled across a Kijiji ad of a black cat for sale.Grandma Mimi made arrangements with the owner to come and pick up the cat And called a party company to order a bouncy castle for the party. Happy Birthday Grandma Mimi says in a excited voice.'Wow thanks' Jack replies."Get ready the guests will be here soon' Grandma tells Jack.Jack throws on a Red sweater and a pair of gray sweats.After all the guests arrive Papa Sets up the Bouncy castle that grandma ordered and the kids start to play.After an hour Grandma calls the kids to come get cake and open up presents.What do you wish for Jack asks Karen one of Jacks best friends . I wish for a cat yells Jack.Jack blows out all seven candles and grandma cut the cake.while the children are eating there cake grandma whispers something to grandpa.Grandpa leaves the room.Grandma walks up to Jack and whispers its time for your birthday gift from us.Jack looks up at the door and see grandpa with his present.A black cat Jack yells.all of the party guests run to come and play with the cat.

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