Five Card Story: The Curios Kid

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A kid named Jack lived in the town called Bridgeport. He was 13 years old with blond hair. Jack's real name was Jackson but they called him Jack for short. He was tall for his age and was really skinny. He had a broher named Dylan and a sister named Julia. Jack was the midle child of the family and Julia was the oldest and Dylan was the youngest. His mother was named Sharron and worked as a fashion designer. His father was named Mark andhe worked as a factory worker. The family lived on Elm street 10532, Bridgeport near a creek.

Jack and his family have lived in Bridgeport all his life. Bridgeport was a small town with a population of 2,500 people. Thereis a lot of abanded houses and stores on the east end of town where everyone used to live. Trash cover the house in and out of all the buildings. Most people live on the west end ever since the terrible flood that made evryone move. Alburt one person named Mr.Albert. He refused to leave the east where he grew up all is life. Mr. Albert has no tresspassig signs all around his poperety. Rumors have it that he gets his gun out and threatens anyone that walks on his propertey. He is known to be the grumpiest man ever since his wife died in the flood.

No one ever went on the east side not eve the adults. But Jack has always wanted to check it out. His siblings thought he was crazy for ever wanting to go over there. Thouhg he still had the erge to go over on the east end. His dream was to go to one abanded house and clean it up as a clubhouse to hang out in. But jacks parents Sharron and Mark would never let him go over on that side. On the bus to school they pass by the east side and everyone gets to see the abandoned houses and stores. This makes Jack want go over there even more than before.

Jack went to the public school in town where almost everyone in town went besides the kids that are homed schooled. Jack hated school even so much that he didn't do his homework. Jack always got bad grades but his all the way up to 8th grade. His siblings on the other hand loved school and got good grades. Dylan was 10 years old in 3rd grade and Julia was 16 years old as a sophmore. His parents were always happier with his other sibligs than they with Jack. Even if he deos something just as good as as them, they are still happier with his siblings. Jack never thought he was good enough for them

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