Five Card Story: Photography around the world

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There us photographs taken everywhere in the world. Many people enjoy looking at pictures or even taking cool ones by with their own cameras. Some people think of photographs as art. There are many places around the world that you could take pretty pictures. There also could be stories about each picture. Sometimes photos are hard to get but they turn out good. Some people enjoy taking photos or even being in the photos, but others are different and don't like it. Personally I don't like photos being taken of me, but I like taking others photos for them.

There is a variety of pictures in here and they are most likely all from different places in the world. You could imagine funny stories about each photo or you could just think of them as boring old photos. The closer you look the more you can see all the little details in each picture. Most people miss the best parts of the photos because they don't look close enough into them. Some photos are edited, but sometimes you can just take a picture and it turns out good. With all the new technology many phones are made to take pictures that you don't even have to edit. Cameras are also very new i the tech and they are many different edits and things you can do on cameras. There are also many people out there who have their own company and take pictures of or for people and get paid for it.

I have five pictures here and they all are different. I have animals, places, and structures. The first picture I of a structure that is very neat looking, but I am not sure what it is supposed to be. The second one is of a beautiful sunset with trees in front that have gotten darkened. The third one is of an adorable dog and it has the backround behind the dog blurred out. The fourth one is of a train and cars going down the road and it looks like someone took the pictures from the train, but I'm not for sure. The final picture is of a beetle on the wood with the wood and backround blurred out. My story is going to be about a dog that runs around and then eventually finds a beetle and eats it.

So first the dog the dog visits a structure and wonders what it is. He was a little confused but thought maybe there was a reason for it. So he walked around and tried to find a sign or something that talks about the structure and couldn't find anything. He sat right underneath it and looked up and just ran things through his head trying to figure out what it would be. He couldn't figure it out and it made him mad. He just kept thinking. He was going to ask somebody, but he could not find anybody to ask. He tried moving it and it was stuck in the concrete. He tried biting it, but it was to hard for him to bite. He gave up once it got dark and he ran to the woods.

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