Five Card Story: Driving is quicker Pt. 2

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Driving is a quicker way to get to school rather than riding a bike. However, bikes are more environmentally friendly. Driving is also quicker than walking. Unfortunately, you will miss some pretty and historical sights along the way. While there are not as many historical sights in Vineland, there are more in other cities, and many are missing out. Driving is a more time-efficient option, but you will have to wait at many red lights along the way to your destination, which might make you agitated because of the waiting and cause you to run them if you are in a rush. Or, you may stop at a red light a little too late. Both options could end in a fatality or spending time in the hospital. This could, in turn, make you fall behind in school. Falling behind in school is a very stressful time for any student and causes them to lose all hope in succeeding and dropping out. Thus, sometimes, it might be good to take a bike ride.

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