Five Card Story: Car Accident

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On a cold, windy Monday morning, John sped down the highway to get to his job which he'd undoubtedly be late to. However, amidst weaving in and out of traffic in his own little Nascar race, he had hit bumper to bumper traffic. Only two lanes were open and they were moving 100 feet every minute. John sat in traffic for an hour. In this hour, it began to snow. As he reached the end of the traffic jam, he noticed some cars on the shoulder that were mangled and spun around. There had been an accident, but there were no ambulances or any first responders anywhere helping them. He figured he was already going to be hours late to work and something within him told him to go help out. So he did. At the wreck, he and three other strangers helped pull a man out of a crunched car. He leaned over on a telephone pole after to catch his breath. He looked up the telephone pole and saw a name scratched into it. The name brought him back down a dark tunnel to his childhood. It was the name of his deceased father, Bob, who had died in a car accident. He made the connection that the voice he heard in his head was his father telling him to help the man in the car. He was speechless. He turned around and went home after this because he couldn't stomach a full day of work after that. On his way home, he passed a white 80s cadillac in the park, identical to his father's which he crashed in. He almost puked. He sped home and stared at the ceiling for the rest of the day because that's about all his body would allow him to do.

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