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Coraline's story can be shown through these five images. For the first one there is a large house which is gaudy on the outside which can have two relations to the story. The first is Coraline's house and how large and unpredictable it can be,and, by the same token, the other mother's house. The second relation can be to the character Miss Spink and Miss Forcible because they have very gaudy and lavish lifestyles and like to live with plenty of pleasure.
The second image is of flowers more specifically Irises. These Irises represent Courage and wisdom that coraline has throughout her adventures in the other mother's world.
The third image is a bit more on the nose as it is a cat in a gray scale photo which is well the cat that accompanies Coraline which is a foil character for her. Where as coraline is impulsive and kind, the cat is calculated and cold.
The fourth Image is of a cloudy day, this image is my favorite to analyze because in the context of Coraline, it has sooooooo much significance. For starters the books events kick off because Coraline is lonely and bored on a rainy day and that in and of it self shows just how desperate Coraline is for her parent's attention. The second theme I pick up on is the unknown because the image grows darker and darker as you reach the center-point. This shows the other mother because she seems like you normal average person until you look a little deeper and see her true intentions.
The final picture is of a black and white church (however I see it more as a house so I'm just gonna interpret it as such). This building is devoid of color and is fairly simple. (SPOILER WARNING AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This can be seen as gradual failing of the other mother's powers as she slowly loses control over her domain. The angle of the house, the Black and white color scheme and the over all simplicity of the house makes it similar to the crumbling grip of the other mother.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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