Five Card Story: The great, but not so great trip

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There once was a man named Tom. It was a Saturday and the sun was high in the sky. Tom needed to find something to do that day. So he jumped into his white minivan and drove around the town to maybe come up with an idea on what to do. As Tom passed the car wash he came up with the best idea. It was time to head back home to pack his things for his trip. As he got home he began packing and placing things into his travel bag first he would need sunscreen, his wet suit, his hello kitty helmet, his wet shoes and last but not least he strapped his kayak to the top of the van. After everything was packed he was off on his trip. Once there he unloaded his things and placed his Kayak in the water. What Tom didn't know was that the tide was up that day on the river. Tom struggled most of the trip but he didn't fully regret his decision until out of nowhere this ginormous tree was layed out across the river. there was no way Tom could dodge the whole tree so he took the blow on his left side and when Tom looked down his wet suit was gone. The tree ripped off his whole wet suit. There was nothing Tom could do the current was to strong lucky for Tom no one else was floating the river or so he thought as he got to the end of his trip to the get out point. A whole family that went on a trip with a bunch of children for one of their kids birthdays was at the end there was nothing to could do he picked up the kayak and carried it so his whole front was covered till he got to the truck to change Tom barley made it out clean. To cheer tom up he decided to go eat at food truck and tom vowed to never go kayaking again.(bionicteaching and hummingcrow(

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) hummingcrow (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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