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a Five Card Flickr story by Jaylen created Feb 13 2020, 09:17:35 pm. Create a new one!

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When I saw you for the very first time at the busy yet quiet street I knew it wouldn't be the last. Falling in love at first sight has never been a realistic standard for me, as how can you fall in love when you do not know the person. That mentality was broken when you walked by me on the street that day. I became obsessed and I knew I needed you. I wanted to approach you but I was intimidated. We went on a long drive, lots of greenery and the roads were not busy. As we passed a barn i could smell the cows and pigs as we went. Why are we going this way I wonder. What could be so far yet so close. We continue into a little town, it's quite cute actually. Is this where you live? I guess I will have to find out. We park outside this bright tattoo shop, do you have tattoos, you walk into the store. I have to go as well, I need the thirst for answers to be quenched. We walk in and I hear your name, "Belle." That is quite fitting as you are very beautiful and Belle means beautiful. A very good name. You ask for a tattoo of a cross onto your wrist. Religious? Or just so you're never alone? The tattoo takes longer than i would've imagined. You must've went for a very detailed one which leads me to believe you are religious. From which i assume to be 2 hours later you finally get up and give your thanks. We end up at pier in the dark, it's very pretty. Almost as pretty as you but not yet. It's so quiet I can hear the soft waves. But there's a sound that stops my train of thought. Your soft whimpers. Are you crying Belle? What's wrong, I wish i could comfort you. But yet we are complete strangers. Your phone starts to ring. You tell the person on the line that you will be there in 15 minutes. I guess we will be somewhere in 15 minutes. We end up at a social of sorts. Oh!! My phone is ringing. Stupid ex-girlfriend, I need to be rid of you. When I look up you're nowhere to be seen and i'm not invited here so I should leave. This isn't goodbye Belle. I will see you again and I will make sure to introduce myself. Thank you for the eventful day. I love you.

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