Five Card Story: Crazy Wild Day In Philadelphia

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Flickr Card Story
It was one gloomy day in Philadelphia downtown me and Kelly came upon a really building. Sure, we have seen this building plenty times but for some reason. On this specific day it seemed awfully big and spooky.
Rising Action:
We begin to walk and suddenly we hear a big loud noise we were frightened and did not know what occurred. As we look around no one else seems as if they heard what happened. A lady walked pass us talking on the phone. This is beyond crazy, weird things keep occurring.
Instead of going to the store, Kelly thought going to the lake would make our day a little better. As we start throwing rocks in the lake. I hear noise coming from behind us. To my surprise a cute friendly dog approaches us.
Falling Action:
Now we feel bad for this dog and want to him find his owner. Philadelphia is known to very busy and crazy. So, it would not be possible to find the dog’s owner. We had to decide to leave the dog or bring him somewhere and leave him.
Me and Kelly decided the best thing was to find someone doorstep to live the dog with. I spotted a light on in the dining room. And thought this would be a prefect place to leave the dog. So, we ring the doorbell and run off. An older lady steps out and picks the dog up and walks back inside. We had so many things happen trying to go to the turned into a journey.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) keepps (4) dwtno (5) bionicteaching

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