Five Card Story: Flashback

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a Five Card Flickr story by Missy Hill created May 29 2020, 10:27:04 pm. Create a new one!

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He stepped to the side of a busy sidewalk and leaned against the cool brick storefront. The people around him walked with large strides, pushing through the crisp fall air to beat the crosswalk, to get somewhere more important than this. The clock tower looked down on him, scolding him for stopping. It was 8:56. He knew he should keep moving, but instead, he zipped his jacket and pushed his headphones deeper into his ears.

A rhythmic drum cadence carried behind the melody, and for a moment in his mind, he was tapping his fingertips on the steering wheel as the tires of his 1987 Bronco crunched the gravel driveway. The sunlight washed over the greenery in his mother's front lawn and caressed his forearm as he parked the SUV. He moved through the warm air and climbed the wooden steps toward the door. From the front porch, he saw his grandmother's rosebush by the bottom step, the patch of land where he burned leaves with his father, and a line of old Christmas trees planted at the edge of the property.

The song ended, and he opened his eyes as the crosswalk encouraged the sea of people in front of him to keep moving. Nine tones bellowed from the clock tower. He pulled his jacket's zipper a little higher, rocked his body away from the wall, and allowed himself to be lost in the crowd.

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