Five Card Story: Darker Dreams

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a Five Card Flickr story by Leanz Rodriguez created Aug 28 2020, 04:49:00 pm. Create a new one!

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t was actually dark since this scare came in, it is really cold and sun isn’t in, yet moon gives light, it brings goose bumps, chill, and extremely horrendous. I am with my brother way home and my arms are clasp with his. There is nobody with us except the light. My brother isn’t talking, and he's giving me this ominous feeling.
“What is happening Brother?” I asked with nervousness. But he stopped and tightens up my scarf and continues walking.
We reached the empty city around 7 pm and the hospital is way too far, there were no stores open nor people yet only me and my brother.
I asked again…
“Are we here”?
I can't even explain how was his reaction when he sees my blood flowing through my nose down to my lips, he shouted for help yet my eyes begun to close and shadow filled my vision
I woke up around 9pm, and with the masses of tubes attached to me I can no longer move. Instead, I shouted for my brother's name.
“Brother, Andrew..... Brother” I cried, but no response from my brother.
And here comes the ladies wearing white garments gathered around me. But still I cannot see any glimpse of my brother and my eyes filled with blurredness once again.
A woke up with bright lights that hinder me to see. As my sight adjusted I saw my mom and dad right by my side. It made me smile, it completed my heart it gives me joy but still I didn’t even see a glimpse of my brother. I asked my mom and dad but it seems that they can’t hear me. There's a lot of people in here, they are walking, talking and having bond with each other, they are happy.
“Ma’am, excuse me ma’am, can you please stay outside” The ladies wearing white garments wakes me up from my nap and stopped my bad dreams and pull me outside my brothers room,
“What's going on? How’s my brother?” I asked with nervousness. My Brother is comatose for almost weeks now and it's because of me, my hardheadedness and disobedience. He was accidentally hit by a car.
The Doctor came out and sat beside me.
“I’m so sorry, we did everything” The doctor walks away and left me, hanging for what I heard. It was like tress put of leaves.
My minds block all the things happened and like fog washed away my inner happiness.

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