Five Card Story: Escape The End

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a Five Card Flickr story by Marcus Tobar created Sep 11 2020, 02:36:21 am. Create a new one!

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The sun brightens the sky with a bright orange sunrise, a beautiful start to the morning. Bobby wakes up to another day of isolation during the pandemic. He goes to pick up the newspaper on his front steps with a alarming cover story reading in large bold letters "Law Is Broken". He reads into it and sees that the government is shutting down. He was in disbelief and outraged that this could happen. He lived in a rather smaller town so he goes to the city council for answers. He is not the first one there. There is already several people demanding answers. The council had no one answers for no one they simply just told them, "You all should leave before it's too late". The tone was so suspenseful that the whole room became quiet. Bobby asked "What do you mean?". The councilman responded, "The government has fallen. You should go seek shelter as we don't know who will be the first take advantage of there being no form of laws." Everyone starts to run out the city hall building. Bobby gets out and sees everyone has found out the news. People are starting to loot trying to gather supplies. Bobby does the smartest things and quickly runs into a small continent store and grabs as much essential food and supplies he can carry. He runs home to check the news. The news anchor was already covering this mentioning that everyone should be aware of a group terrorizing the town kidnapping the innocent and holding everyone at a looted supermarket as if it was a prison. Bobby recognized how the supermarket is near meaning he is bound to be found by that group of people. He packs his bags and is plans to go hide at his ski cabin at the mountains. It was the perfect spot for him to go, no one will ever find him there. His goal has now turn to reach that ski cabin to save himself. He goes out of his house but must now find a car, luckily he knows how to hot wire a car. He goes walking down his block and finds a car right away. He puts his bags into the car and starts to Hotwire the car, it should only take him a minute or two to Hotwire. As he is doing so he hears another vehicle approaching and looks for it as it my be another civilian. It was a black jeep and he calls out to it. He regrets ever doing this. The car is filled with masked men armed with assault rifles. He hops back into the car and finishes hot wiring it while the black jeep attempts to turn around. He hot-wires the car all he needs is to lose the black jeep. They are both speeding down the streets, Bobby can't seem to shake them off he knew he couldn't be able to lose them , he'll need a miracle. As they are reaching an intersection Bobby can see a car coming from the street that will intersect with the street he is driving on, he knows he just has to beat that car. He floors the gas and takes off. The jeep tries to catch up. Bobby just barely makes it pass the other car at the intersection, and his plan worked perfectly. The jeep following him was not as lucky as they collided with the car at the intersection. Bobby is in relief. In the end he reaches his ski cabin and is hidden from the rest of society and can now isolate himself there safely.

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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