Five Card Story: Walk of life

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Walking through life is not like what they say neither your parents, your lover, your favorite teacher or even what I say. There’s nothing in this world that's got a say about how you walk your life, just you. Your struggles to climb and be the best version of you to other people and to yourself. But those struggles sometimes can make you feel drain, exhausted like you just want it to be over like the rest who’s no longer suffering. However, you’ll find a reason to continue and to realize why you’re still needed, then you’ll notice that it’s not that you wanted it to be done, you’re just trapped in a cage. Although your cage is not locked, it was not even a cage just a fence. A barrier that stops you from moving forward but once you get out of there, you’ll just have to ride the life in a train with your big container, inside all of your experiences good even the bad, as your lesson. That’s what you call your story. Then as you bloom and become the person who’ll never imagine you’d be. You maybe successful or just enough to live, someday you’ll withered away. Identical to every individual who walk the life.

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