Five Card Story: Reality is Inevitable; live with it

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Life as it is has been difficult. Who wouldn't experience this? In a world where life doesn't matter. In a society where you feel you dont belong. In your peers where they make you feel worthless.

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They will always talk about you. Name you, judge you, and deliberately hurt you. However, remember that it will never be your fault that they lacked.

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Just like some flowers who grows beautifully, learn to plant them in your surroundings. Find friends who would help you grow as a person and will diligently be proud of how you grow with them. Bloom! Know that you're authentic on your own.

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Set your path once again. It may have been curvy, know that it's part of the process. Stand up and serve your purpose.

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Again, you'll encounter different person with different personalities and perspectives in life. Don't be scared to associate with such people. You know, you gotta learn how to socialize so that you could experience life and learn from it. Not just by mistakes but through connectivity with other people.

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Days may have been lonely in the process of growing. Just pray. He will always listen. He will always here how wronged you may have been. He will always help you and welcome you in his heart. Just as it goes...


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