Five Card Story: Conformity or Nonconformity: Which is a Hindrance?

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Five Card Flickr Argument

Introduction (Pic 1):

Whether people are at home or at work, they will be asked to follow rules. In personal relationships, they will be asked not to lie. In stores, they will be asked not to steal. In towns, they will be asked not to litter.

(Pic 2):

It is important that they follow the rules, because if they do not, they can get in trouble. At home, they could find themselves in a divorce, because they lied. Next, they would have to pay large fees to lawyers. In a store, they could get arrested by police, because they stole something. Lastly, in a town, they could get fined by police, because they littered.

(Pic 3):

Then later in life, because they did not conform to the rules, they will find themselves rejected by society, lost, like a piece of litter floating in the water with no real purpose but to be destructive.

Counterargument (Pic 4):

However, there is evidence to show that those who do not conform to societal rules often succeed beyond most people, because they are more likely to stand out from the crowd in the way that a hand with raspberry fingertips would. Consequently, their unique abilities bring them more attention, and naturally, more recognition, fame, and success. In fact, Albert Einstein himself argued that people who do not follow the rules are more likely to succeed. This is why, when he ignored Newtonian Physics, he was able to construct his famous Theory of Relativity. This is also why many singers, like Elvis, Elton John, or even Billie Eilish, sprung to fame. Elvis danced in a way they said was inappropriate and now singers engage in many kinds of dances. Elton John was rejected by his family because he loves men, a pain that has influenced many of his songs. Billie Eilish refuses to dress like a girl to challenge female stereotypes of beauty. And now, people love them all.

Conclusion (Pic 5):

Yet, overall, it seems best to learn and follow societal rules, so people can prevent getting in trouble with their friends or family, or even the law. It is important to conform with others and learn, for example, how to work in groups effectively to get projects done. People open themselves up to all kinds of opportunities by learning how to communicate with others effectively, for instance, on social media sites like Twitter, or joining clubs with different organizations. Thus, more often than not, nonconformity acts as a hindrance. Of course, once people have learned societal rules and make sure to abide by them, they are also more prepared to explore and express their unique abilities and use them to their advantage.

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