Five Card Story: Life's Changes

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a Five Card Flickr story by Anthony Green created Sep 17 2020, 07:50:10 pm. Create a new one!

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Exposition (Setting, Characters, Mood)
Waking up to a loud voice carrying through my house, (See you later) and then the slam of a door. As always I get out of bed to watch my mother as she rushes down the quiet sidewalk attempting to catch the jitney on time.
Rising Action (Events that lead to the climax) Even though it was the middle of the week she had been late getting to work everyday since Monday and her students were in the classroom awaiting her late arrival ( along with the Principal). There wasn't anything fancy about the town we called home but the jobs weren't plenty so it was important to keep what you had.
Climax ( Highest point of tension) As my mother busted into the classroom after running down the hallway she entered a room completely quiet as they sat in their seats watching the Cherry Red face of a very upset Principal. Seeing the Principal in the classroom she automatically started explaining why again she was late.
Resolution ( How the story ends) Holding up one finger telling her to step out into the hallway he was forced to do his job. On her way home the streets were now crowed with the normal traffic and people trying to get to the stores. She was going into town to look for another job.

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