Five Card Story: The Asymmetry of Myself.

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I picked these 5 pictures because it represents me. First is the lock, I can see myself as a lock that I wont let anyone came to my life is welcome because I'm limiting myself to the person who's around me, I'm like a bomb that can explode anytime and to prevent casualties I separate myself to others. Second is the wide ground in the picture, It's like my mind that is wide enough to put a lot of what ifs in my mind because I overthink a lot. Third is the flower with a bee, I'm like a flower that any bee can suck the nectar and pollen they want, like the people around me can get what they want from me because I love helping people even if they're abusing me. Third is the tall building, I see myself like the person who capture that tall building because I'm a coward person and I think myself as a trash all the time that looking up the person around me. The last one is the narrow road, I can see myself the person whose walking on that road thinking only the destination without the plan during my trip how I will get to that destination safely, because I'm a person that goes with the flow I don't usually have a plan on my life what steps I should to reach my goal. In conclusion I'm not like the other students that have a plan to their life to achieve that goal, I have many flaws that needs to exercise more to be a better version of myself I like person who corrects me if I'm wrong because they teach me what I need to change of my personality for being a better person.

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