Five Card Story: the interesting holiday

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One day three really cool teenage girls decided to go on a really awesomely cool holiday to Russia. It was winter in Russia so it had been snowing for quite some time. When there plane landed all they could see was a white country side. One of the really cool teenagers was called sophie and she was also very smart. She booked for a carriage to come and collect them from the airport. They exited the airport and sure enough there waiting for them was a carrige....being pulled along by a llama or alpaca. They couldn't tell the difference. The three really cool teenagers were a bit shocked but they didnt mind. Just outside the airport was a great big outdoor grandfather clock. The clock had just struck 3:10. They headed off to a hotel in the llam/alpaca pulled cart. Outside the motel there was a lovely looking pond. All of the girls headed over for a look. The mean one - Krystal pushed sporty Casey into the pond. She opened her eyes and there infront of her was a giant black figure. Casey screamed in horror and surfaced. Sophie and Krystal were standing there laughing. Casey walked out of the ponbd and Sophie and Krystal screamed....Casey's fingertips had been turned into raspberries! They all ran in different directions and were never seen again.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) cogdogblog (3) jentropy (4) Larry Johnson (5) Serenae

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