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Generally regarded as one of the most important philosophers. David Hume was also well known in his own time as an historian and essayist Born in Edinburgh, Hume spent his childhood at Ninewells. Katherine Falconer Hume his sister realized that David was uncommonly precocious, so when his older brother went up to Edinburgh University, Hume went with him, although he was only 10 or .He decided to become a “Scholar and Philosopher”, and followed a rigorous program of reading and reflection for three years, he was very intelligent. David Hume toured many country until an offer to serve as Librarian to the Edinburgh Faculty of Advocates gave Hume the opportunity to begin another project, a History of England.After these setbacks, Hume turned further afield. He became Secretary to the British Embassy in Paris, where he met Jean Jacques Rousseau. Hume was mortified at the affront to his reputation, and fought bitterly to contradict Rousseau. In December 1766, after penning his own version of events, Hume wrote of his ordeal.

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