Five Card Story: From a childhood, Augustine was a naughty one, and never had any faith.

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At the age of 19, he had an affair while studying in Carthage, and bore a son, even they are not married.
After that he was invited in Milan to be a professor and teach students, when he told it to his mother, and her mother told him that he want to be with him in Milan and St. Augustine approved. While they were in Milan St. Augustine was always invited by his mother to attend mass and go to the Church together. But the mass that strike him and influenced him to embrace Christianity is the mass of then, Bishop Ambrose. After the mass, St. Augustine have a deep thought about everything, he became relentless in his thought and ask God to enlighten his mind, after that he heard a voice and said" take and read" at first he couldn't find what will he take and read, and their he find the Bible lying on the ground he picked it up and when he opened it the words that pops out are " cloth yourself with Lord Jesus Christ and don't think about satisfying the desire of the sinful nature, Lord Jesus Christ's. And with that day, he begin his new life and accepted God's calling and God's love in his life. When he let God in his life, he understand inner peace and with this experience, his philosophy that " One could not achieve inner peace without finding God's love"

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