Five Card Story: Do your best

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a Five Card Flickr story by Crisnel S. Baun created Sep 24 2020, 05:52:08 pm. Create a new one!

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All of us have a fears in life, we are afraid being fall but we have to face this fear to move on in another page of our life to get a beautiful future, that no matter the path is alot of struggles we have to fight though with this. Being lose is normal but giving up is not fine, that's why we need an inspiration life to pursued and chase our dreams.

Letting all the bad vibes,fly high, take a breath and face all struggles in live learn to face your beautiful future don't let anyone to control your future, show them that you can do it and proved them that there toxic word are not allowed to your beautiful future.

When your path in life are too dark dont forget that God are our light to the best future and when you are loosing hope don't forget that God are always with us to guide you and give you strength, always pray and ask help to him because God is never get tired to hepl us.

Stop thinking that you can't past all the struggles in life, believe in yourself make your Family an inspiration that all of your doing is for them to give them a best life in future, do all things to make them happy to them proud of you.

Do your best make them proud, pursue and never stop chasing your dreams and goals in life,never give up, discovered alot of things in your life, always pray to God, take risk to all opportunities that coming to your life that to matter hardship the life think that all of your going is to your family and to your future.

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