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My girlfriend and I went in a fast food restaurants to get our tummy full and to buy the foods that she loves. I was very happy that time because I can see her beautiful smile and I can say that she was very happy that time. We talk about our future and do some plan somethings that we must do in the future. The factor that affects me to become this kind of person is the fact that I love her so much that I think I can do anything when she’s by my side.
And when we were done we went to a shop and I gave him a souvenir so I could see that he was happy because that souvenir was a symbol of our togetherness. The factor in this picture is I gave him a souvenir that has value because she is my love.
After we buy souvenir we went to some botanical garden to see some plants because her hobby is growing some plants and selling it and we bring some plants as a gift also to her mother. Doing something that she's into and selling them to help our financial problems and also showing others our loves on each others Knowing more about each others sides, and each other rely on each other to grow until we bloomed
Before we buys the plant I have a surprise to give her. my surprise to him was that I would give her a pet dog. because she is a dog lover and she wants to be safe around them wherever she goes and most of all we have a memories in our lives that we have a pet dog. My perspective on the picture we need to make an effort to the person we love. because it will have a memorable moment with each other.
After I took her to her house, I went home to get rest. she is still in my head even after the date I still think about her, because I really love her. Factor of this is I always think about her that's why I can't focus on my study

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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