Five Card Story: My Experience

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a Five Card Flickr story by Marty created Sep 25 2020, 07:33:55 am. Create a new one!

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1st Picture:
I love biking, especially with my friends. Before the pandemic, we usually ride out in the morning and come home in the afternoon. It was always a fun time for us. I usually get all crazy when I'm with my friends.

2nd Picture:
One day, we decided to go visit the house of our friend to invite him to join us in our bike ride. We went through a smooth road with a lot of trees on the side. I can never forget the refreshing air that was rushing to my face as we pedaled our way to our destination.

3rd Picture:
When we arrived, we were greeted by our friend's mother, who nicely let us in their house. It was a nice house, and the atmosphere was very peaceful and relaxing.
After a few minutes our friend finally showed up from his room, done from preparing for our ride.

4th Picture:
We were about to head out when our friend's mother stopped us and said that we should eat first and rest so that we'll have energy for our long ride. My head said that I shouldn't eat there because it is embarrassing to hassle them just for my meal, but my heart and tummy said that I really want to eat because I'm hungry. In the end I agreed and ate a lot, it was delicious.

5th Picture:
After resting, we had to get going. We said thank you to our friend's mom and head out. While biking I realized that I had two things in mind when we were asked to eat first. My head said something that was completely different from what my heart is telling. I had a differentiated self in that scenario, but I concluded to myself that no matter what the heart or the head is saying, I should always do the right thing, and the right decision was to eat first and rest, because I need it to get energized!

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