Five Card Story: TOGETHER

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a Five Card Flickr story by Lovely Ann B. Delos Santos created Sep 25 2020, 09:07:10 am. Create a new one!

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In a small garden there are many leaves and it is something like they are fine, they keeps bloom and they even looks very happy. Like me and my friends in the past, we are just happy and bloom together. But suddenly it turns on black leaves because the thing that we didn't expect was happened because of small things. We even saw each other when we are in our way going to school but we even can't talk too because of what happened. Starting that day I always feel the emptiness like no one will comfort me and it is like I'm walking in the tight way because of the feelings that I can't say to them because they are not in my side. After how many days, there's one guy that talked to me and he said that "all things will gonna be fine, all you need to do is to comfort yourself first then say sorry to them, if they didn't accept you I am always here for you no matter what happen", then I realized that there's nothing will happen if we are not talking so I just follow what he said, because I don't need to please other just to have better feeling so I just face it by myself. I talked to my friends and after that we bloom again, our friendships turned to strong ones and the guy that gave me an advice is really happy of what I've made.

My friends is one of my treasures in my life, they influence me on how to become more competent in all aspects when it comes in school stuffs. in conclusion, we must value all people who are with us no matter what because they are the one who will support us in all things that we love.

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