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Come to think of it if our world without Trees, Rivers, Mountains, Clouds, Seasons, Grass and Flowers, It’s really plain and boring.

First of all let’s be Thankful that God created nature in this world for us.

Nature is one of the reason why we are alive in this world that’s why it’s indeed important to us humans, animal being, and other living things due to the fact if there is no natural resources in our world we wouldn’t be alive at this moment that’s why we need to take good care of It by the means of: Educating ourselves the ways to protect and preserved our natural resources, like planting more tress, segregating wastes, conserve water, volunteering, reduce, reuse, and recycle in these simple ways we can help preserved our natural resources.

Now it seems nature is slowly falling apart Wildfire, Floods, Earthquakes, Explosion, Landslide, and other kinds of natural hazards are everywhere that we never know when it will come again and there is no way for us to stop that.

Even though it still not too late for us to regain that healthy nature we have before. “If we have hope everything can be rebuild, everything can raise up from the ashes, and if everybody just works together and be govern by love, love for one self, love for each other, and love for our country everything around you will once be beautiful as before”. – Michele Gumabao

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