Five Card Story: The Life of George Herbert Mead

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Life is beautiful but not always easy it has problems, too and challenges lies in facing them with courage. The life of George Herbert Mead is a quit interesting to know because of the experience happen in his life though it is not so issue for someone but because of his career and his religious. Mead is born on February 27, 1863 in South Hadley, Massachusetts. His father Hiram Mead is a minister in the congregational Church. His Family move from Massachusetts to Ohio in order to join the faculty he taught homelitics and held the chair in Sacred Rhetoric and Pastoral Theory. Elizabeth Storrs Billings a mother of Mead was a devoutly religious woman, who taught at Oberlin for two years after the death of her husband. Although Mead struggled because of his religious and conviction that his family had. He is still did indeed move away from his earlier religious roots, but the activist spirits remained in him. The life of Mead is like the a leaves that are falling down from the branch of tree, that are sometimes he need to let go of he used to be he need to be a new one, just like happen to him that he indeed up let go his religious roots. But even though, he choose to move his religious it is like a home that where ever you go, you are still going back to your home and Mead's life is also like having a tattoo in a body that what ever you are going to do the religious of what you have is always there and the spirit of the activism of your religion is always there. We only wants to taste something new that make our self satisfied of what we had like tasting some delicious foods.
In the life of Mead, In my own point of view he had suffer from choosen of what was he really need to choose in his career path. But because of her eagerness to have his own wants he choose to change his religious but still remained the spirit of the activist.
On the other hand about the work of Mead, One of the famous work he had is Mind, Self, and Society. This work he describes how the individual mind and self arises out of the social process Instead of approaching human experience in terms of individual psychology, Mead analyzes experience from the “standpoint of communication as essential to the social order.” Individual psychology, for Mead, is intelligible only in terms of social processes. The “development of the individual’s self, and of his self- consciousness within the field of his experience” is preeminently social. Mead influenced by the theory of relativity and the doctrine of emergence. His philosophy might be called objective Relativism.
Until he died on April 26,1931 in Chicago. After Mead's death, his son and daughter-in-law, Henry and Irene Tufts Mead, oversaw the compilation of unpublished manuscripts, lecture notes, and student notes. Published posthumously as a three-volume set, these books, Mind, Self and Society (1934), Movements of Thought in the Nineteenth Century (1936), and The Philosophy of the Act (1938), along with an edited version of his Carus lectures, The Philosophy of the Present (1932), form the main corpus of Mead's philosophical writings, which have had a distinctive influence upon recent American social science.

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