Five Card Story: Improving Me

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a Five Card Flickr story by Lex created Sep 27 2020, 01:29:45 pm. Create a new one!

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I am always nervous whenever I stood in front of the crowd, so it is hard for me to speak clearly and always makes my mind goes blank. Even having someone with me in front does not help at all. I tend to skip school events just to avoid being looked at and I am always picky to people who I want to be close with. I graduated high school and took a vocational course, and after that, I had my first job. My position in that company is an operator, but my work looks more of an encoder, but they still call it operator. In that company with my position, you had to communicate with the staffs more often. It does feel embarrassing to get yelled at sometimes but, well I cannot do anything about it. After months talking with the other staffs, you will realize that it is not their intention to make you feel embarrassed, they want you to learn and improve. Their seriousness in their jobs is a fact and if you do not improve, you are just a weigh to them. They will appreciate your effort, just don’t give up just because you make a mistake. Mistakes is something you should learn from. And eventually they will treat you like you’re their friend.

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