Five Card Story: FREEDOM

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(1) bike
The bike is where we find ourselves. Once we clip into the peddles it becomes a time where we can reflect for ours at a time with no worries or distractions, just the road and ourselves.
(2) prism effect
We are a fighter, We must not give up, We will stumble and we might fall but we should stand back up. It perhaps take longer at times but we need to stand back up and keep fighting!
(3) unbothered
Every once in a while we are wondering how would things differ if I would have a different personality, diverse qualities and unknown talents. Would my life be as wonderful as it is right now? I guess not, and that is the moment I finally stop overthinking "what ifs" because I am who I am and that is the reason of us to be unique in our own way. We must realize that we are the content as we are and therefore, We should not change about being us.
(4) gratefulness
Being grateful man is the one who admires smallest things in life. Not everyone can be happy, Because to be happy despite of every situation is tough. But if we learn to accept our life with both flaws and successes then we can be happy in life. Gratefulness is the only the will keep us going. Maybe it is personal life, school life or business life, if we are not happy we cannot lead the same peacefully. So we should always love the little things in life and be happy till the end. Equally important is to make others happy. Happiness is the only thing that increases when we share with others.
(5) positive thinking even though the environment is outrageous
Positive thinking lead us to success. The one who thinks that he can achieve the things, will put his/her best to achieve, will not bother by the problems in the path of success and one day he/she can achieve positively. Self-confidence, determination, perseverance, and hard work are the key factors of success.
[A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success. Accept no one's definition of your life: define yourself. The greatest barrier to achievement and success is not lack of talent or ability but rather the feeling that achievement and success, above a certain level, are outside our self-concept that image of who we are and what is appropriate to us.]

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