Five Card Story: Walk in the Earth with exuberance worldliness

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a Five Card Flickr story by Cheryl Fuentes created Sep 28 2020, 04:04:07 am. Create a new one!

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I use for being alone, I isolate my self in the four corner in my room, Like I'm satisfied of who I am, what I'm doing in my self. But as time goes by, my little mind has changed, massive realization hit me. That there's a world outside in my isolation. What I do is I hold the gate and prepare my self for new experiences, and finally seek for my own happiness and what things that I need to do to satisfy my self and find my purpose as I walk in this earth. And this bike represent as courage, an instrument that I will ride on as I explore this world and look my own definition of happiness. But as I walk in my journey and I know now I finally hold my true exuberance in life which is being with my family is so wonderful and bless full gift that God gave to me. Treasure the moment that they still in my side is so satisfying. And as I reminiscing I found out that I don't need to go outside world and seek my own happiness, because the more I'm being apart with family it's like they are the light that I can see but I can't reach and feel it. They are the light and bring color of life. Despite of having an abstract mind undecided decision as I go walk in my chosen pathway of life they still the end of of my purpose why I need to strive, fight and give them a bountiful life. I want them to experience like a bird who is free to go with, no more reason and thorns to stop them to live with happiness and this is my own definition of an exuberance life, to see my family satisfy in thier life, and contended.

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