Five Card Story: Socializing is the key to development

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Just like different places, we humans also have different personalities. George Herbert Meads Theory of Socialization believed that people develop self images through interactions with other people. As we can see in the pictures, it shows different personalities on how people interact.
The self develops solely through social experience. All of us experienced of being afraid on socializing. As we've seen in the first picture and second picture they are afraid on socializing to other people. But later on they will realize that being friends with others is good and it will help them develop their social experience. Knowing others intentions requires imagining the situation from their perspective. In the third picture we can see that the little boy behind the other boy is watching and maybe he is thinking if "what if I'm at his situation" thing. As we have seen the fourth pictures, the man is explaining his point which is connected to Meads theory "Social experience consists of the exchange of the symbols." The last picture as we observe, two kids are enjoying. And it can be connected to Meads' "Understanding the role of the other results in self-awareness. I also agree to Meads Theory because we can really develop our self images through interactions and socializing to other people.

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