Five Card Story: Defining life through the values I uphold

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The first picture depicts a path or road that is comparable to our life. The road we take is not always straight and clear because life is full of challenges and it was was never easy to begin with. Nevertheless, we just have to follow the path we believed in because we will surely reach the end with dedication, determination and patience. The second picture depicts a light shining brightly in a dim place. Sometimes we tend to see life as a dark room because of the challenges and hardships that we are facing. Life is not always dark as it seems, we just need to find the doors and look for a brighter rooms to see the beauty in it. The third picture showcases a caution sign whereas in life we need to be cautious and wary of the people around us. If we feel that it is bad to get involve with some people, we must distance ourselves because this would have an impact on us if we stay too close. The fourth picture is a child which represents the stages of our life. We all became a child in our life, but as we grow old we discover many things which is a good thing because of the improvement we garnered that laid foundation to who we are now. And the last picture depicts happiness and joy whereas as we go through with our life it is important that we experience joy and happiness because that is what makes life meaningful and enjoyable.

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