Five Card Story: God will not abandon us

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Augustine was in ill health, and he felt like his life would not go anywhere. He didn't want to teach anymore, and he decided to give up all his earthly dreams to secure a magnificent existence. Augustine is torn between two conflicting forces, sexual lust and divine lust, through Confessions, and he confronts the tension here one more time. Augustine came to a conclusion in his Milan garden that would end this battle forever. He heard a child's voice in his garden saying, in Latin, "Tolle, lege," which means "take and learn." Augustine was reading Saint Paul's letters, and he let the book fall open on its own. He was amazed to read the thirteenth verse of the thirteenth chapter of the Letter to the Romans, in which Paul encourages his readers to abandon the way of the senses and to follow Christ's direction. He agreed to become a Christian and undergo baptism and gave up his teaching position in order to follow these decisions. Augustine says quiet and great calm have flooded him. Finally, he had learnt to make his own life an allegory, where the lessons of stressing the mind over the body taught by the Neoplatonists become an concrete fact. He reveals in his own life the integration of the pagan tradition with the Christian current. He prefers the soul over the flesh, the spirit over desire, trust over doubt, and confusion over purpose. Augustine single-handedly establishes a theology of the self in The Confessions, a total, full image of the self in relation to God.

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