Five Card Story: Plato

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First Picture, Plato's half face. Plato was deeply influenced by Socrates' emphasis on ethics and politics, and would later commemorate Socrates as the wise and central speaker in his philosophical writings.

The second Picture illustrates that Plato and Socrates journey together. They have been traveling around Italy to teach the people about their Philosophy in life. This was the time Plato's philosophy was deeply influenced by Socrates, his teacher.

The Third picture shows their teamwork together. Socrates taught Plato. So Socrates was a firm believer that writing his ideas down was a bad idea for whatever reason. So Plato, in his original writing, made Socrates his main character and wrote what his teacher had taught him (Socrates' ideas). Henceforth, Socrates was a major character in Plato's works.

The Fourth picture represents their journey as they continue their teachings to the people around them. Plato continued to write all the teachings of Socrates so that it will be documented. Even though Socrates does not write his teachings, the main character of the writings of Plato was Socrates to give honor to him.

The Fifth pictures illustrate that Plato had successfully founded the Academy in Athens, one of the first institutions of higher learning in the Western world. Thanks to the wisdom of Socrates, Plato is now ready to teach his philosophy to other people.

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