Five Card Story: Journey

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Being alone is not something that you must be afraid of. There are times that you will be left alone, there are times that you need to depend on yourself. As you walk alone depending on yourself, you will feel more confident from others, you have the assurance that you will no longer be hurt. You just have to find out what are your weaknesses and what are your strengths. In that case, you can avoid the things that may hurt you, you can choose the things that you think it can help you to grow. Going on a road trip with your friends or loved ones may help you to lessen your negative thoughts. You can be a child full of happiness, not thinking of what the future will be. You just have to seize every moment of your life. Remember, there are infinite problems that you may encounter in your lifetime, you just have to be optimistic even in the hard times. You have your family, friends, and all the people that loves you that you can count on during the hard times. Life is full of challenges, you just have to be ready for unending journey.

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